Quick Update.

by Ofi Zukhrufia

Quick update, since ada yang protes karena ga pernah update blog..

  • Went to Periplus a week ago and bought Norwegian Wood.
    Well, it’s more like Daddy bought me because I used his money and not mine haha.
    I just read the first 25-ish pages yet I can relate myself to Naoko… I don’t know why.
    She is illogical and somewhat paradoxical, but I think that what makes us human..
    I don’t know why but I just understand ._.
  • Tried my new stethoscope Mommy bought me when I had shift at Panavena last Wednesday.
    And it was really good!
    It produces a different kind of sound compared to Litmann, but I can hear the sound way more clearly than the usual Riester. Plus, I really like the color. Thanks Mommy :*
    (Bukan iklan hahaha)
  • I’ve planned to donate my blood at Panavena so I took one pill of sangobion since 5 days before Wednesday.
    Yet I had my feet infected during makrab so I needed to take antibiotics and… bye kesempatan donor darah :'((((
    So I changed my plan and I just had my hemoglobin level checked and guess what?
    My hb was only 11.7 even after 5 days of sangobion!!
    It wasn’t even reached 12, for God sake.
    I’m a bit concerned about this because I know it could be a problem when I am pregnant, well even though I’m not going to get pregnant anytime soon but still, I need to do something about this.
  • Z is back in town for three days (or four, yeah).
    We went on a date this night and I’m glad I can see him again.
    I am really glad, actually.
    If he was a drug then I have a high dose of him on my blood right now haha.
    I can’t believe we’ve been away only for three weeks, because to be honest it feels like forever :| (and I’m not exaggerating)
    But this is just a proof that you don’t need to see someone everyday to be in love, hoho.

Postingan trivia banget. Yaudah gapapa. Blog blog gue juga.
Anyway Mommy ke Surabaya dan baru dua hari aja udah kangen ;(