by Ofi Zukhrufia

I just scrolled over my drafts (There are 57 of them!! I can’t believe I have too many unfinished drafts. Ugh. I hate myself for this) and I found one interesting draft.

(Anyway, I know it’s not related to this post but I’m writing this while having an epic conversation with him via line. The conversation was that funny I couldn’t stop laughing but now I guess he’s mad… or not :| Let’s just hope for the best *finger crossed*)

The draft was last modified on September 17th, 2013, which means it was about a year ago.
I was quoting him (yes, the draft and this post talking about the same person) because what he said that time was so funny I thought about publishing it in the blog…. Yet I didn’t.
Even though actually the draft is finished already, it’s just me and my indecisiveness that held me from publishing the draft.

I know this post starts talking non sense so I’m just gonna go straight.
My point is, it’s so funny how a year can change everything.
The draft kinda reminds me about what happened a year ago….
I remember that me and him were close enough, but not that kind of close as in romantic relationship, we were casual friends.
I remember that a year ago, some of his words helped me get through my heartbreak.
And it was a year ago.
Only a year.
365 days.
And now everything’s different.

Somehow it scares the hell out of me.
What is going to happen a year from now?