My 5 Favorite Moments.

by Ofi Zukhrufia

My last journey was fulfilled with so much fun and exciting moments I hardly forget them.
But then, I’d like to pick 5 most favorite moments during my last trip and share it to you guys :)

1. The moment I got out from Amsterdam Schiphol
I can remember very clearly how Amsterdam’s cold wind was brushing my hair and my face. It was exactly after I stepped out from the airport. And I was like “Damn and you call this summer?” The wind was the first thing that made me realize I was miles away from home (Because you wouldn’t find that kind of wind in Indonesia. Never) It was cold indeed, but it was a nice cold back then :)

2. Going around Den Haag by bicycle!
Mbak Ifa offered me to rode her bike around the city, the offer I wouldn’t say no to. It was around 11.30 am in the afternoon, but I rode the bike with jacket on and I didn’t even pull a sweat. Yes, Netherlands is very cold ._. I remembered I rode around Leidschenveen-Leidschendam-Nootdorp and… some places I forget the names :))

3. Road trip from Rijeka to Ljubljana
It was weekend and me and my fellow exchange friends made a sudden plan to go to Ljubljana. Ljubljana is the capital city of Slovenia and it’s only one hour and half drive from Rijeka (You can imagine how small Europe is. Even Jogja-Solo is two hours drive! ._.) My favorite part was the view. It was breathtaking. The kind of view that you only seen in movies. It was highway with very beautiful view along the road :”) Kinda regret the decision to took plane from Amsterdam to Zagreb ._.

4. Sunset in Stara Baska
It was another weekend, a one day trip to Krk Island, about one hour drive from Rijeka (Or maybe one hour and half). A day well spent with the girls. Krk Island is made from few small towns, and we went from town to town. We ended up in Stara Baska, right before the sun went down. Marta and Gabina swam there but me, Henna and Eleonora just sat in the beach and watched the sun went down. Sunset seen from Adriatic Sea. Beautiful :”)

5. Rijeka’s thunderstorm
It was the day after Idul Fitri. I woke up to (literally) thunderstorm. It was heavy rain with cold wind. I know it’s not very nice, I just like the feeling I got from woke up to that cold weather and crawled back under my blanket and went back to sleep :p (But I went to the hospital after that. Don’t judge :p)

Bonus (I know I should stop writing this and start studying. I promise I will :p)
6. Sunset in Venice
I had not very pleasant experience with Venice. So after almost two hours of walking and running, watched the sun went down slowly from the most beautiful city in the world was not bad at all :)