by Ofi Zukhrufia

Been two weeks since first day of last semester (Amen).
College life? I would say fine, even though… it’s not really fine.
Need to finish my thesis as soon as possible.

Social life? Just so so.
Sometimes I feel like those whom I called friends are not really friends.
Like we called each other friends but then that’s it.
Or maybe it is just me :/
Like my tutorial group, or even Hai, or the other groups.
Nah but that’s fine. I know who my persons are.

I was missing Rijeka so much I couldn’t focused on my OSCE preparation (huft!).
I needed to escape into someone’s mind so I wouldn’t think about Rijeka all the time.
I intended to bought David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day but Periplus didn’t have the stock anymore and the mall I visited in Jakarta, the Kota Kasablanka Mall doesn’t have book store inside (what a shame!).
Finally I decided to bought Dewi Lestari’s Supernova Kesatria, Putri dan Bintang Jatuh but the book was… to much for me that time. I’m not sure what I’m feeling after read the book. It was a anti mainstream book, but then.. that’s it. It was a good book though.

Ah, but Hujan Matahari from Kurniawan Gunadi just came few days ago :)
I like his writings. Simple, but has its meaning.
He mostly talks about.. well it will be weird if I mentioned in English -_-
Cinta, penantian, pertemuan, perjalanan, menunggu, mendoakan, memantaskan diri, berdamai.
Those are the terms related to his writings.
The book is kinda boring if you read it in short period of time, but it’s a good book and I like it.

So that’s it.
I’ve been through a battle between my immune system and the damn virus, but then the battle was won by the virus -_-
Hopefully I’m gonna get better soon.

My songs for the week: Something I Need by One Republic and Gone Gone Gone by Philip Philips.