by Ofi Zukhrufia

In the end, it doesn’t matter what specialty you choose, because the most important thing is you can go home in the evening and see your kids.
I was too young and too naive that I believe I can do both.
You know, after some time, your priority changed.
And kids are the best thing that could ever happened in my life.

– said Marta, quoted her doctor to me.

I was sitting at the bar down the dormitory, when Marta knew that I was going back to Indonesia, she asked me to went to the best cafe & chocobar in town for goodbye.
I said yes immediately.
The next day, we had our morning coffee, then we ordered our favorite ice cream.
It was sunny day and we had a very nice weather.
She was my last companion.

2014-07-31 09.46.04

I like her.
I wish I could spend more time with her.
Sigh, I kinda miss her right now.