by Ofi Zukhrufia

Currently listening to I Don’t Want to Talk About It by Rod Stewart

Hi! I’m writing this post from my own home, finally :”)
I have arrived in Yogyakarta since Saturday afternoon, safe and sound.
Praise Allah :”)

To be honest, it feels nice and weird at the same time to be back at home again.
Well yeah, if you already get used to something, then everything else feels uncommon.

It just feels weird to drive on the left side of the road after one month drive on the right side.
It feels weird to see the sun goes down very early and have a long night (this is the weirdest! I think this is what cause me feel kinda jet lag).
It feels… emm not really weird, but I feel annoyed with lots of motorcycle and those damn traffic jam.
But then, what can you do? It’s Indonesia :))
After I arrived in Jakarta, got out from the plane, the atmosphere was completely different, you know.
The weather, the place, listened to people talking in Bahasa (fyuhhh), saw zillions of people (well Croatia only has 4 million people. You can imagine how quiet Rijeka is :p) and all that stuff.

But then, it feels really nice to be back at home again.
I think the person I miss the most is mom (but I’m not gonna tell her that ahahahay) and I really really felt relieve after I saw her again.
And talked to my brothers and sister, teased each other again, it was awesome.
I don’t know what happened during these five weeks, but I think they are even crazier than before :))

Yes, the luxury of having a family is something money can’t afford :)

But I miss Rijeka already.
I miss waking up in the dorm and go straight to hospital without taking a shower (oops).
I miss dr. Boris and dr. Marin.
And I miss my fellow exchange friends :(
I miss Rosalia. I miss Greta. I miss Izabella. I miss Daniel!!! I miss Marta.

July feels like a very nice dream, and I don’t wanna wake up, not yet.
But I really need to wake up now.

I haven’t changed my watch, so it’s still ticking Croatia time.
I haven’t updated my Google Now, so this morning I got this notification “Time at home: 7.24 am, Sunday” even though it’s already 12.24 pm in Yogyakarta.
I haven’t moved on…. I didn’t even plan to move on.

But I need to move on, you know.
Not because I want to forget this experiences, but simply because I still have long way to go, and I need to make lots of new experiences, I need to meet lots of people, and I need to travel to lots of place.

This summer has been one of the best moment in my life, the best experiences I’ve ever had, and the best memories I’m gonna remember until the rest of my life :)


Let’s plan for the next Europe trip ;)