Going Back.

by Ofi Zukhrufia

Going back to Indonesia in 13 and half hours.
So this is gonna be my last blog post that I write from Croats.
(I know the term Croats refer to Croatians and not Croatia, but I just can’t help it :p)

I can’t believe I’m leaving today.
Crazy things happened this week but, crazy in a good way :”)
I’m just going to miss Rijeka very very very much. No doubt.

I remember the way I tried to not to give my gift to dr. M.
I didn’t want to give him the gift, honestly.
Because if I give him the gift, everything’s over.
That’s me, saying goodbye.
And I don’t want to say goodbye, not now.

Just like I tried to postpone this post.
Because I know, if I post this damn-last-blog-post-from-Croats, that’s it.
I’m admitting that I’m going back home.

But then, as Greta always said, life is life.
Life is moving on even when we’re not.

This is it.


Korzo, Rijeka.
Image from google.com


I will come back. Definitely.