by Ofi Zukhrufia

I know this post is gonna be… trashy.

So there is one doctor in my department that catch my attention.
During my first two weeks of clerkship, he took his day off, so I just met him last week.
Turns out he’s still quite young (or look younger than his real age, well :p) and…
I don’t know.
I just really really like him.

I know that this is only a matter of appearance, I mean FOR ME he’s good looking and cool and charismatic and…. so on.
I once assisted him in surgery and…….
He’s just that charismatic you know.
Watching him doing the surgery is just….
I don’t know the exact words to describe what I’m feeling, but I do know that I really really like him.

I haven’t like someone this much after I broke up, gyaahhhh.