Constant Reminder.

by Ofi Zukhrufia

Since what happened in hospital today, I write this post as a constant reminder to myself.

You are young.
You’ve made it this far all by yourself.
You came here all alone and you did it.

Just remember the time when you thought you’re not gonna make it.
You’ve proved otherwise, right?

So believe more in yourself. Believe in Allah.
Don’t be afraid to take any chances. Go beyond your limit.

You’ll never know what’s gonna happen, that’s so damn right.
But if something good comes out of the chance you’re taking, then cherish that as a great memory.
And if something bad comes out of it, then cherish the moment as something to learn about.

That’s what makes life worth living for, no?

PS: Special thanks to Joan and Mas Panji for the advice :)