by Ofi Zukhrufia

I want to confess a little secret.
Years ago–3 years to be exact–I decided to delete some posts of my blog that related to my relationship in the past.
A decision that I regretted until now -_-
Well, it’s not that I still like him or something, it just….
I deleted my posts simply because he deleted his posts about me first :|
I mean… I know I was young and stupid, but I can’t believe I was that stupid -_-
I mean.. What’s the big deal about ex that deleted his blog posts? It’s nothing -_-
So.. yeah, the blog posts were forever gone.
Literally gone, and there is no way to recover those posts.
Well, he was such a good guy (oh he still is), and I just want to keep the good memories about him.
(Am I sounds like a desperate girl who hasn’t moved on? I hope not :/)
Of course there were some memories that I still remember, but almost all the details has already forgotten (except his phone number, I have no idea why I still remember that lol)

So, since I don’t want to make same mistake twice, I didn’t delete the blog post that related to S.
A decision that I regretted too -_________-

The reason why I broke up with S is waaaaay different than my previous relationship, and turns out keeping the post about S is not doing anything good for me.
So, here it is.
34 posts in the trash.

And I changed the blog layout too, I don’t know, a sign for rebirth?