by Ofi Zukhrufia

I was pretty sure I am an extrovert person.
By extrovert I mean, I like being around people. I absorb energy from my external environment.
But since about four months ago, at the beginning of the year, I realized that…. there was something different about myself. Something is changing.

Turned out, I enjoyed being alone so much that I couldn’t even believe in myself.
I used to have all the confidence that I am a 100% extrovert person.
I took the 16 personality test and my result was “An ESFP”.
The description from the ESFP was unbelievably match with my personality :B
You know, for the old me, me-time was good, yes of course sometimes we need to take a break for a moment, evaluate what we’ve done, what we’ve become, but the old me would rather be out somewhere with friends than sitting alone in the room, watching a movie.

I have lot of friends.
It just comes to nature that I easily make new friends, hanging around with one to another, and I like them.
But then in the last four months, when my solitude began, I feel tired.
I feel tired keeping all the circles together…, and I practically cut some circles out.
I stopped telling stories. I didn’t reply their messages. I found reasons not to meet, etc.
I kept my best friends only.

I kept thinking “This is not so me. What happened? What’s wrong?” but I couldn’t find an answer.
So I asked for help.
I have a friend that took degree in Psychology, and I told her about what I felt.
She said that what happened to me was completely normal.
Even the most extrovert person on earth has their own introvert side, and people change.
She said maybe I was tired, and for the moment I just wanted to enjoy my me-time.
I trust her.
But I don’t know why I have this feeling.. that the change must be caused by some trigger.
I don’t believe that out of the blue, poof! I changed.
It’s not like I’m a superman or what -_-

Maybe I was tired, after all….
Being around people can be so exhausting sometimes… especially the wrong people :/
Not all people matters, right?

Even though I still haven’t found the answer, I’m glad I am finally able to write this down…
I think it’s a good sign :)

Yeah, be good people.


PS: You can check your own personality here.