by Ofi Zukhrufia

I remember one particular memory, a really bad one.
It happened exactly at the Stadium General BEM, around May or June 2013 (I forgot the exact date).
The event took place at Kaliurang, on Saturday and Sunday.
Well, S supposed to be there too, but he didn’t come. So I asked why he didn’t come, and his answers was “Because you were there” and I was like ‘Hahaha fuck‘ but I didn’t tell him that. Instead I replied “Well okay then” but actually I was really pissed.

Yeah, May & June was the time when my relationship was…. dysfunctional. And terrible.
We fought, broke up, then fought again. We didn’t even resolved our first fight.
The circle went on and on.

After I sent my last message, he didn’t reply, and I tried my best not to think about it.
But I couldn’t.
I remember on Sunday morning, I texted him again, yea I know I was the one who triggered the fight (kelakuan lo sendiri deh Pek, makan tuh) and as you may have already guess, I succeeded.
We fought again that morning. And he was really mad at me.
At first we fought via text messages, but I guess he couldn’t stand my attitude and he started to call me.
I was panicked, I mean, my BEM’s friends were all there and it really wasn’t funny if I accepted his call and started to fought in front of my friends and my juniors -_-

So I went to the bedroom and pretended to sleep, when actually I was received his call.
He started to scream and yell and threw bad words (yea that wasn’t the first time so I wasn’t surprised. In fact, I threw bad words at him too). I was really really sad and started to cry.
I cried and sobbed in silence, hoping my friends wouldn’t notice. And they didn’t!
I should win an Oscar because of this :p

Since I was in mental breakdown after the call, yet I couldn’t tell anyone because no one knew, I texted my dad.
I told him I got a problem and asked him not to tell mom.
He replied my message soon, asked what happened.
I replied and said, “Nothing, I just got a situation here“.
He replied, “Kenapa? Kamu kecelakaan? Ojo marai wong tuwo khawatir
I haven’t had a chance to reply and he has already sent his second message, “Ngopo? Weruh gendruwo po?
WAKAKAKAKA. I was super sad that time but I laughed anyway :))
Really my dad’s typical -_-
I wonder where he gets the idea that problem means saw a ghost or something like that :))
So I asked him to pick me up at campus after SG finished and he agreed.
That time, I knew that I’m gonna go home and meet my dad and everything’s gonna be alright :””)

I really grateful I have him as my father.
Yea I know he isn’t that super rich dad (lol), I know he’s not always here due to job and all, sometimes he’s not that supportive, sometimes he’s annoying (lol part 2), but he loves me without asking anything in return and he cares about me sincerely. And that’s what matters, no? :””)

Some people may not have the luxury of having a father, some because divorce, others because their father were already smiling from heaven.
So when you do, please be grateful about it.
He may not be a perfect father, but he’s your father anyway.

I ♥ you, Ayah

1395976_686015308076519_1426386399_n xx