Quick Update.

by Ofi Zukhrufia

Hi guys.
Went on holiday with family last week so I didn’t have any chance to update blog or simply checking twitter and line messages, yeah screw the limited free wi-fi access :/
Nah but I am now too lazy to write, I guess I’m just gonna upload some pics later.
We went to some great places and it was awesome.
Yeah, family holiday are the best :)
I am really grateful that Allah SWT is soooooo kind to give me and my family such a bless :”)
Allah memang Yang Maha Baik, right? :”)

By the way once I arrived at Jogja yesterday, there were heavy rain especially at the airport, and heard news that earthquake strikes again, it’s so heartbreaking :(
Why disasters are everywhere?
I mean look at Sinabung, Manado, Jakarta, Semarang and cities around north Java, sigh :(
Let’s do everything we can to help our brothers out there.
Be good, mother earth :*