by Ofi Zukhrufia


This afternoon I met my best friend (we’re best friends since elementary school) and she told me she’s gonna move to her new house which is VERY FAR AWAY by the end of this month :(
Her current house is very near from my house, located behind Kraton, and it’s like less than 1 km.
I used to ride bicycle every time I went there.
And she’s going to move to Imogiri, and I just…………
She even asked me this, “Ntar kalo aku minta tolong buat angkut-angkut dateng ya Pek.
It’s just so heartbreaking, you know :(

This evening I made sudden appointment with my another best friend, we planned to eat at nasi goreng bosa and then she told me her motorcycle was gone……..
And I’m like, what?

Tired :(