by Ofi Zukhrufia

Everyone needs a closure. An ending.
It doesn’t have to be happy, but it has to be there. The ending.
Why do we need an ending?
Simply because we need to let go. So we can move on with our life.
Start a new beginning.

There are times when I think I already get over it.
But then at a sleepless night I realized I haven’t.

He is a great man.
He is sweet, warm, and always loving and caring.
He will take a good care of you.
Whoever become his wife must be so lucky :)

What makes me sad is the fact that I no longer talk to him.
I don’t know why we kept make each other angry ( .__.)
It’s like we intentionally said things that hurt each other, made us hate each other even more ( .___.)

But I’m happy.
Maybe this is the way things are.
I have no reason to regret what already happened.
The six months spend with him was great, and so much fun and wonderful :)
And yep it’s an honor :)))

I remembered my daddy said,
“Ya sudah, kalian berdua kan sama-sama sedang belajar, wajar kalau ada kesalahan dan rasa sakit dalam proses itu, ya dijalani dan dinikmati saja.”

I never had the chance to say thankyou.
And… Thankyou :)
For the lesson, for the love, for everything :))
Happy to got the chance to know you :))
I hope you’re doing great there :))