by Ofi Zukhrufia

Well, it’s kinda shocking how much he affects my life.
It happened this morning.
I went to the other class–his class–because my class started at 1 PM and I thought it would be better if I took the earlier class.
At first I was fine. Really fine. You can ask Manda who sat there beside me.
But then I saw him walked through the class.
And suddenly I felt my heart beat faster.
I felt my body became cold and nauseous.
And I spent the next 15 minutes tried not to vomit :|

After the class ended I went out with Titin.
And I finally vomited. In Taman Medika!! On scale one to ten, how cool is that? -____-

I mean, my mind is pretty messed up here.
I used to love seeing his face, but now I look at him and all my body wants is vomit. Great.
Yesss I know it’s something called psychosomatic but for God sake how do I supposed to control that? :|
I mean, it’s like he activates my sympathetic nervous system whenever I see him. Dfq.

Ugh even writing this makes my body becomes cold.