by Ofi Zukhrufia




I knew them since junor high school.
They were my classmates back then.
I forgot how it started, but we were close.
Then on 2nd year, we called ourselves ‘The Blegug’ :)))))))
Bahahaha thanks to Uli who made the name :p
But then we thought that we should change our name, wakakaka, since blegug means bodoh or tolol or idiot -______-
I searched for some foreign languange, like Germany or French.
Then I found witzig.
Witzig means sweet *LOL* but according to google translate witzig means funny :D

And here we are.
Seven years (or eight?) of friendship, until now…
We still have each other back :)

I just love them.
They’re my best ({})

Yesterday, today, forever…. Witzig – Joan