6 Mei 2012

by Ofi Zukhrufia

A friend once asked me why I always look happy and had a big grin on my face everyday.
she said she wanted to be like me.
went through everyday like nothing happened.
like life is always nice and wonderful and kind.
I smiled and answered, “Really? Maybe you don’t really pay attention. But the truth is, life is always nice and wonderful and kind, depends on how you see it :)

But I didn’t complain. I like that.
I like when people think I’m always happy :D
well, she also asked why I like people easily.
I have a tendency to like everyone, as long as he/she is nice to me.
I don’t really care if society hates him or her, because for me what matters is his/her attitude towards me.
I don’t see what’s wrong with that, even though maybe for some people that’s strange enough, but my belief taught me to husnudzan to others :)

And once again, I experienced a similar experience ._.
at first I wanted a thing so much, really really wanted it until it appeared in my dream.
but then I didn’t know how to get it, and I gave up.
now… that thing show up in front of my eyes, exactly when I don’t want it anymore.
why oh why?!?

The answer is, like what always happens, life.

PS: Life is too short to be unhappy. Cry less and laugh more. Do what makes you happy, and be with someone who makes you happy :) Let’s spread happiness xxo
PSs: It’s a total random post. You’ve wasted five minutes reading it :B