Welcome April.

by Ofi Zukhrufia

Yo ho ho! I just went through my forth tentamen in my first year of college, hohoho.
Well, I’ve done my best, so just let God do the rest :)
Study hard pray harder, hehe.
Any of you still don’t know what tentamen is? you can read it here and here :)

So, hmm, I have some thoughts in my head now.
I think I already get used to the pain.
Because recently, I already had my smile back.
I had my spirit back.
I didn’t feel any pain or sorrow when I woke up.

But, I still haven’t moved on yet, I guess.
I mean.. I already get used to it, but I still haven’t get over it.
It’s okay. We all need time. Time to repair what’s broken.
Because feelings doesn’t die easily, right?

Well, move to another topic.
Last Monday I had dinner with my TdFK family at Rumah Pohon.
The place was pretty nice, and the range of the price was reasonable too, heheh.

And I attended Diklatsar held by Tim Bantuan Medis Mahasiswa Panacea FK UGM last week and this morning.
It was fun! On the first meeting we’re taught about Basic Life Support (BLS), Triage and Evacuation.
This morning, the lecture was about Syncope, Bleeding and Shock (Pingsan, Perdarahan dan Trauma hehe), and Fracture (patah tulang).
The one who gave lecture about Fracture was my senior. He is now a resident at Department of Orthopedi and Traumatology Sardjito. He really slapped me in the face :/
But he’s sure hella cool! He really inspires me. A lot :D
I hope this is gonna be my spirit booster to study harder :D

Okaaayyy so I guess that’s all for now. My grammar was awful -_- Whatever.
Today is the end of March, so welcome April. Be good :D

PS : I love this guy. I love him both as Sean Murray and Timothy McGee. Sucha mood booster :3