Breaking News

by Ofi Zukhrufia

hi! last Friday I just had my third tentamen, hohoho. it went well after all but I’m not sure about the result (lah? -_-) yeah because anatomy is always…. I don’t know, unpredictable? :B

tomorrow I’ll have biochemistry exam, and the day after tomorrow I’ll have histology, ugh.
yeah as you know this is seventh week for batch 2010 and 2011, which means…. good news and bad news.
ah! and also the worse news.

people tend to hear the bad first, no? :p
bad news is : this is exam week.
and what making it worse is….. MCQ is switched with pharmacology exam!!!!!!!!
which means I’ll have MCQ on Thursday and then pharmacology and Friday.
God bless PBL (in sarcastic way)

I don’t fucking care if I don’t go out somewhere, don’t go to another town or else, all I wanna do is just sit down in my lazy sofa and watch NCIS all day long. without thinking about musculus levator velli palatini, without thinking about pharmacology report, without thinking about porfirin metabolism and other college things.

ah, and Olet is coming to town! yeah finally we meet up after six months didn’t see each other :)
I’ll tell you more about him, but later, after these exams done.

last, I found a very easy listening song when I was youtube-ing, searched for Katy Perry concert video at Jakarta, suddenly I found this and in love :)

it was Loving You Tonight by Andrew Allen.
enjoy, and don’t forget to wish me luck! xx