I Officially Lost My Phone

by Ofi Zukhrufia

yeah, I officially lost my phone.
oh no, I’m not using Bl*ckb*rry.
I lost my beloved Sony Ericsson w580i :(((

well, I know that my phone isn’t as great as yours, but really, I’ve already felt very comfortable with it.
all messages, all photos, all musics, all games and applications…… lost :(

and now I’m using my mom’s old phone, Nokia E75, and well, I’m not getting along with that phone.
I prefer Sony than Nokia, actually. eventhou this E75 is much more advanced(?) than my old phone. huks :(

but yah, it’s been almost two weeks since my phones lost, hohoho, dan saya sudah mengikhlaskan hape saya :) (nggak bisa translate ke Inggris nih -_-)

ps : DO NOT put your phone on your trousers-pocket while riding a motorcycle. DO NOT.