Fun Friday

by Ofi Zukhrufia

hey guys!
I found out that my “Post A Week 2011” was FAILED.
well, maybe it’s too early to say that, but really, I have no time for blogging -_-
everyday I go to school at 6.30 am, study study and study, go home, and I still have an added lesson, then study again -___-
yeah I know, every 3rd-grade-student in senior high school (in Indonesia) must be the same with me, or maybe MORE. gaaaaaahhhh.
you probably will say something sucha “Keep the spirit” or “Keep optimism!” and blablabla.
yeah, I do. or at least I’m trying to do -___-

okay, skip off those blabbering.

last Friday, me and my friends had great lunch at Pizza Hut Ambarukmo Plaza. lots of laugh, and fuuun :D
too bad Guza couldn’t come :( she said she ran out of money…

and one of my-most-nggak-jelas-friend, Icok, started her ketidakjelasannya. after eating, she suddenly said, “Aku pengen belajar fotografi” dan tiba-tiba motret tabasco yang ada di depannya. hasilnya suskes bikin kita semua ngakak :))

garagara Icok, yang lain pun jadi ikut-ikutan motret tabasco :p
mari kita bandingkan…..





dan ini hasil jepretanku

what do you think guys? which one is the best? :))
and here are another photos of us..

enough for today, see you soon!
Gong Xi Fa Chai! :)